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Essential Tips

  1. Use a Latin-Only Windows Username

Your Windows username should consist solely of Latin characters, with numbers also being acceptable. Many games and cracks, especially recent CODEX releases, may malfunction with non-Latin usernames. To fix this, either change your existing username or create a new Latin-named user in Windows and switch to that account.

  1. Rehash the Downloaded Torrent

Torrents often download content in blocks, and errors can occur during this process. To prevent issues when unpacking, perform a rehash. This verifies each downloaded block is complete and automatically re-downloads any corrupted ones.

  1. Temporarily Disable Antivirus

When installing repacks, especially from trusted sources like those listed in the FAQ, consider turning off your antivirus temporarily. Windows Defender and other antivirus software may incorrectly flag certain installation files as threats. You can disable/re-enable Windows Defender using this handy tool. The safety of files can be verified via VirusTotal reports.

  1. Set UAC to Minimum Level

User Access Control (UAC) can interfere with complex repack installations. Adjust your UAC settings to the minimum level (Never Notify) for a smooth process.

  1. Allocate Adequate Virtual Memory

To prevent memory-related crashes, tweak your virtual memory settings. If you have 4GB of RAM, set virtual memory to 8GB, and follow a similar pattern based on your total RAM. Avoid the “System managed size” option, as it can cause slower performance.

  1. Use the 2 GB Memory Limit

If your system has 8GB of RAM or less, consider limiting RAM usage to 2GB during installation. This is especially important nowadays, with browsers alone consuming lots of available memory.

  1. Run Setup in Windows 7 Compatibility Mode

If you encounter errors or missing files in Windows 10, try running the setup.exe with Windows 7 compatibility mode and as administrator.

  1. Install in Safe Mode

If antivirus software remains active despite attempts to disable it, reboot into Safe Mode and proceed with installation. This prevents interference from background processes.

  1. Check for Sufficient Free Space

Never ignore insufficient disk space errors during installation. Also, avoid installing repacks on drives with minimal free space, as the process may require more than initially stated.

  1. Avoid Heavy Disk Activity

If you have active torrents or apps causing heavy disk load on the drive where you’re installing the game (especially if it’s a hard disk), expect much longer installation times. It’s best to complete disk-intensive activities beforehand.

  1. Select the Right Installation Drive

Be cautious when picking the target drive. Sometimes, games have specific requirements regarding the system drive or other volumes. Avoid installing in the Program Files folders, as they often have restricted access.

  1. Verify No unarc.dll in Windows Folder

Ensure no unarc.dll file exists in your Windows folder or subfolders. If present, delete it as it may conflict with the custom unarc.dll used in repacks.


  1. Run Setup with Admin Rights

To prevent permission issues, follow the recommended setup instructions for running as admin.

Troubleshooting Common Errors

Error: “Setup.exe is missing or won’t launch!”

Your antivirus or Windows protection may be blocking setup.exe. To fix:

  • Right click the file, Properties > Unblock > OK.
  • If no Unblock button, it’s already unblocked.

Error: “No file specified for ISArcExtract”

This can happen due to:

  • Incomplete/corrupt download – rehash torrent
  • Missing required installation files
  • Long or unusual install folder name
  • Active antivirus/UAC blocking temp file extraction – disable them

Error: C++ Runtime Installer Issues

Consider installing all C++ Redistributables for game compatibility. You can find an all-in-one pack on Microsoft’s website.

WINE Troubleshooting Tips

If using WINE to run Windows games on Linux:

  • Enable “Emulate virtual desktop” if fullscreen causes problems.
  • Set Windows version to XP globally in winecfg to avoid admin right errors.
  • Replace WINE’s cmd with the original using winetricks: winetricks cmd