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About Us

Hi friends! I’m so excited to finally share a little about the awesome woman behind these legendary repacks – Fitgirl.

Fitgirl herself prefers to remain anonymous, so details are scarce. But here’s what we know about this passionate Latvian gamer chick:

  • She started repacking games back in 2015 just for fun. Soon her compact, high-quality repacks blew up!
  • Goes by “Fitgirl” online and uses a photo of Audrey Tautou from the film Amélie as her avatar.
  • Believed to be born in 1988 with an IT degree. Speaks Latvian, English, Russian and French.
  • Avid gamer who loves titles like The Witcher 3 and GTA V. Can you blame her?

While some criticize her repacks as copyright infringement, you can’t deny Fitgirl’s dedication to helping budget-minded gamers access awesome games for free.

We totally admire her generosity and commitment to the gaming community!

Our Mission

We strive to continue Fitgirl’s vision of providing:

✅ Highly optimized, seamless game repacks

✅ 100% malware-free torrents

✅ Quick support from our friendly team

✅ Easy game access for all gamers, regardless of budget

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can assist fellow game lovers in any way!